Rituals & Animation

What’s our secret sauce? Community.
That’s why we focus on curating great events, workshops, and gatherings that create opportunities for conversation, collaboration, and creation with our members.

Programming Calendar

The CSI Programming calendar will tell you which of our Community Animations & Rituals are coming up next!

Art & Art History Club

Join us online every Tuesday evening to de-stress, learn about art, and connect with other members through quick sketch activities. No artistic skill required!

Breakfast Club

You bring your breakfast and we’ll bring the conversation topics and opportunities to connect with other members over your fresh morning brew!

CV Mornings

A chance to hear from innovators and leaders working for climate justice and climate solutions. You’ll gain a greater understanding of the different ways in which we can tackle the climate crisis, and hear some inspiring personal stories along the way.

Leading Through COVID Peer Circle

Executive Directors, CEOs, and senior managers at CSI are invited to learn how other organizations and companies are navigating COVID-19 and explore tangible ways to support one another during this time.

Mindset Mondays

Start your week with a quick Mindset Monday check-in. We’ll set goals and intentions for the week and beyond!

Monthly Member Toast

The short, sweet, and online equivalent of our famous in-person Innovators Drinks! Each event is focused on reflection, community gathering, gratitude, and increasing serotonin levels for members by seeing everyone’s faces.

Next Economy Conversations

Our monthly online event series where you’ll hear from leaders building the Next Economy. Learn about their work as well as their personal journeys, successes, hard lessons, and visions for the future.


A members lounge break in virtual form! Meet on Zoom and join two 10 minute-long breakout rooms on Thursday afternoons. The members in each breakout rooms are completely random so you’re sure to make new friends.

Salad Club

Our epic weekly Salad Clubs have moved online! This is an opportunity for members to gather virtually, show off their best work-from-home fashions, and connect with others in the community over lunch.