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Digital Content Creator

The Opportunity:

Hi! I’m Ilana Ben-Ari, Founder and CEO of Twenty One Toys. I’m looking to find a highly motivated Digital Content Creator to work with my team, under the guidance of my Fractional CMO, Christine Pilkington, to help us with all things communications, social media, video and photo editing, newsletter, and email campaigns. Essentially you’ll be our full-time in house marketing content team working under the leadership of a Marketing Strategist with over 20 years experience building marketing departments. Since the world went online in 2020, we’ve had to change the way that our toy company runs. Luckily, we’ve continued to get toy orders to schools, coaches, and organizations, we’ve successfully pivoted to running our in-person workshops and training to online, and even launched our new Failure Toy, all during 2020. All of these updates have been exciting, but they required the full attention of our existing team, which means that all of our marketing was paused. That’s where you come in! You’ll be responsible for our social media calendar, our monthly newsletter, and executing on our new marketing strategy which includes a combination of written and visual projects to better tell our stories. This position will be 100% remote, you don’t need to work from the same city as us, we just ask that you can work EST hours since (almost) the entire team works remotely, from Toronto and spots in Ontario. Sound interesting? Keep reading!

About us:

We’re Twenty One Toys, a learning and development toy company.

We started with a mission to change education with toys. Fast forward 8.5 years, and our award winning Empathy and Failure Toys have made their way to over 50 countries, and into the hands of thousands of educators, corporate coaches, facilitators, and human resource professionals. We’re on a mission to prove that play is not the opposite of work, it is work, and it’s a key skill for people of all ages and abilities. That’s why our toys are designed for players aged 6 to CEO. Even TIME magazine takes them seriously, having praised them as a future technology back in 2014.

The past year has brought with it many new challenges. Our team of 5 is the smallest it’s been in years, yet we’ve successfully managed to navigate the changing world of remote work through the release of online workshops, training offerings, and our brand new Failure Toy. We continue to be a proudly bootstrapped, founder-owned company, and we do our best to bring play, experiential learning, and whole-hearted leadership to work every day. We’re invested in making the world a more empathic, inclusive, and resilient place.

Learn more about how we navigated 2020 here.

About you:

You’re a highly skilled communicator with 2 or more years experience in digital content creation, or equivalent, at a startup or small company. You care deeply about your impact and are energized when your work makes a difference in other’s lives. You are eager to learn and iterate, you are data driven, and always looking to discover new industry tools and trends. You enjoy collaborating with your team to arrive at actionable solutions, and then taking charge of your project to drive it to completion. You have exceptional interpersonal skills and are excited to jump on a call to work through any challenge.

You are creative, agile, an excellent storyteller, and you’re looking for a role with lots of opportunities to build, grow, and make a substantial impact.

You’ll be a great addition to our team with the following skills:

  • Must speak GIF.
  • You’re a great storyteller with a sense of humour and you’re able to tell engaging stories in multiple mediums.
  • You’ve got great aesthetic taste and you’re able to work with our CEO on our visual brand voice.
  • You know how the internet works, you have a deep knowledge across social media platforms, and you know how and in what way to post on each.
  • You’re organized, you love labelling files, and are able to manage a robust library of media assets.
  • You can work independently, you’re able to self manage, and you successfully stay on top of projects with changing priorities.
  • You’re able to collaborate and jump into a conversation with anyone; you’re excited and able to jump on a call with our team or community and guide them through telling you their story.
  • You’ve got a growth mindset, you learn and adapt as you run experiments and try out new platforms, and have a strong understanding of data analysis and key performance indicators.

About the role:

You’ll be working directly under the leadership of the CEO and Marketing Strategist, and in collaboration with the sales, design, and customer support team.

As a digital content creator you will be responsible for:

  • Our social media calendar
    • You’ll be responsible for managing our social media calendar for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, from ideation to execution: curating articles, writing social post copy, and selecting images and videos to share
    • You will be given social media guidelines and toolkits and you’ll be responsible for maintaining and updating these guidelines as we grow
  • Video and photo editing
    • You’ll be responsible for collecting, and editing photographs to share on social media and for various email, web, and marketing campaigns.
    • You’ll be given raw videos to turn into shareable video content to share on social media and for various email, web, and marketing campaigns
    • You’ll be in charge of keeping all raw and finalized photos and videos organized and backed up on our company google drive and external hard drives
  • Our monthly newsletter
    • You’ll be responsible for writing and sending our monthly newsletter, with the guidance of the CEO and marketing strategist
  • Copywriting and design for email marketing campaigns and long-form articles
    • With guidance from the CEO and Marketing Strategist, you’ll be responsible for creating the copy and updating the images for various email marketing campaigns, as well as long form blog posts, and articles for social media
  • Collecting customer stories and testimonials
    • Working in collaboration with the sales, design, and customer support team, you’ll collect stories from members of our team or community and translate their story into shareable content and testimonials.
  • Coordinating photoshoots and video shoots
    • With the support of the CEO, you’ll be the main point of contact for contract photographers and videographers responsible for making sure that they have all necessary information and guidance to conduct photoshoots and video shoots of our product offerings.
  • Marketing data collection
    • With the guidance of the CEO and Marketing Strategist, you are responsible for keeping track of all relevant marketing data to share in team meetings and marketing campaign reviews

Desired Qualifications and Skills:

  • 2+ years experience in digital content creation, or equivalent, at a startup or small company.
  • Proven proficiency and deep expertise in the following tools:
    • Adobe Creative Suite, with a focus on Photoshop for photo editing, and Premiere for video editing (FinalCut Pro or equivalent)
    • Mailchimp, or equivalent, for email marketing
    • Later, Buffer, or equivalent social media scheduling and analytics platforms
    • Google Analytics and other web analytics tools
  • Proven design and copywriting expertise
  • Demonstrated ability to stay organized and work independently
  • Exceptional communication, written and spoken; able to participate in team brainstorming and design feedback sessions, and obtain required information when necessary
  • Self-driven and motivated to take initiative, solve problems, and improve processes
  • Passion for our mission

Compensations, Benefits, and Work Environment:

  • Compensation based on experience, $45K – $50K/year
  • Access to Twenty One Toy’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Membership and access to the physical and digital community at the Centre for Social Innovation, where our office and toy fulfillment is done, in downtown Toronto.
  • This role is 100% remote. You must be eligible to work in Canada and available to work during business hours in Eastern Time, but you can set up your office anywhere you have reliable power and internet!
  • Since we don’t believe in adding to landfills we have a BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) Policy

How to Apply:

Complete the application form at this link and submit it by midnight ET on Sunday, October 3rd, 2021.

Did you know?

Research tells us that male-identified candidates apply to jobs when they meet less than 60% of the criteria, women and other marginalized folks, however, tend to only apply when they have 100% of the qualifications. If you do not have all of the qualifications listed above we encourage you to apply anyway!*

*Thank you to our friends at Bloom who’ve taken the lead on including these important statistics in their applications and whose job postings and approach continue to inspire us.