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Community Jobs » Request for Proposal – Program Expansion Consultant

Request for Proposal – Program Expansion Consultant

Request for Proposal – Program Expansion Consultant

Proposals will be received until May 15th, 2023 4:00 pm EST



Community Living Oshawa Clarington (CLOC) seeks proposals from consultants interested in investigating and co-designing a framework, as well as providing a legal and financial analysis, to implement program expansion.



A healthy community is measured by its ability to provide opportunities for all its citizens to experience inclusion and belonging. CLOC’s mission is to work alongside people with developmental disabilities as they are meaningful contributors and full community participants. 

2023 is a milestone year for CLOC as we celebrate our 70th Anniversary as an agency! We are proud of our positive contribution to the lives of people with developmental disabilities, their families, and the Durham Region community.  

CLOC has evolved over the years, meeting challenges, implementing opportunities, and navigating the sociopolitical landscape. We have grown from a small group of families looking for support to a large organization providing multiple supports and services. In the 1950s we were fighting for education. In the 1960s there was a large service system expansion. We fought shoulder to shoulder for the closure of institutions and by 2003 the government committed to closing the last three institutions, which occurred in 2009. CLOC has become an integral part of the community, advocating against stereotypes and marginalization.

The current shift focuses on people experiencing voice and choice as they live their lives with equity in their communities. CLOC’s services strive to provide the equity that allows individuals to experience wellbeing, as they reach their goals and achieve their full potential. In 2021, the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS) announced Journey to Belonging, an eight-to-10-year initiative to improve services and support for people with developmental disabilities. The goal is to increase service responsiveness, with a focus on individualization, flexibility, choice, and independence.

CLOC’s Values


•       Rights and Dignity: All people with a developmental disability are respected for their human worth and dignity and are ensured the same rights and responsibilities of other community members. We believe in diversity and respecting the opinions of all our stakeholders.

•       Equitable Access to Services: People have access to services based upon their strengths and needs, and their comfort level to maximize on community participation.

•       Voice and Choice/Self-determination: People have meaningful participation in the decision-making process of their supports, and their wishes/choices direct the planning process.

•       Freedom from Abuse and Neglect: People are safe both within and outside the service delivery system.

•       Strengthened Natural and Informal Supports: Loving families and caring social networks are important factors in ensuring healthy and community connected people with developmental disabilities. Disabilities should never disrupt a person’s connection to family, friends, and community. Families, care-partners, and social networks are supported and respected by the service sector.

•       Collaboration: Collaboration between all our stakeholders is a key factor in realizing the service principle of coordinated services and optimal utilization of resources.

For additional information on CLOC, please go to

Project Elements and Desired Outcomes


●      Understanding the current key issues facing CLOC and the developmental service (DS) sector

●      Explore financial aspects and provide an analysis of the program expansion

●      Explore legal aspects and provide an analysis of the program expansion

●      Investigate and co-create a process for implementing the program expansion

●      Understand CLOC’s strategic plan, which has a strong view to the future and our positioning to respond to cultural and socioeconomic changes

●      Explore strategies for effective engagement with our stakeholders during program expansion process

●      Survey the service gaps, strengths and needs of people with developmental disabilities, their families, and their care partners, with CLOC and the Durham Region community

●      Provide analysis and opportunities to improve and expand supports and services for people with developmental disabilities, their families and the developmental services sector


Guidelines for Proposal Content

Please provide a brief proposal outlining your approach and concept for the project, including your use of the funds budgeted for this project and how you would include our stakeholders in the planning process. 

The proposal statement of work should be presented in a conceptual, detailed format with the understanding that the actual scope of work will be refined after consultation selection. The Project Planning Team will work with the selected consultant to design the planning process that aligns with CLOC’s resources and time constraints.

All applicants are requested to certify that the applicant does not currently have any outstanding liability claims that may affect the future health of the firm. Additionally, the applicant must maintain and confirm sufficient liability insurance, as well as declare any conflict of interest.

CLOC is not liable for any expenses incurred by the applicants associated with the cost of preparing the application. 

Specific Proposal Content


●      Name of applicant(s)

●      Name and contact information for the applicant(s)

●      Description of experience and qualifications

●      Indication of availability during project period: Applicants should be able to commence project on June 12th, 2023. Applicants should be able to complete the Expansion Project Consultation and Analysis with all materials available for presentation to stakeholders by December 1st, 2023. 

●      Statement of work: Brief description on approach to the project, with steps, chart or logic model

●      Detailed budget and cost structure: Budget must not exceed $60,000

●      At least three references

●      Provide a statement regarding your theoretical approach (i.e., EDI lens, Critical disability theory) and understanding of the MCCSS Journey to Belonging initiative

Proposal Requirements


●      Please submit a proposal, plus references

●      Proposals must be received via email, before 4pm on May 15th, 2023

●      Please address your proposal to: Kathy Mangunatmodjo, Clinical and Program Manager, CLOC.

●      Submit proposal by e-mail to, with subject line: Program Expansion Request for Proposal

●      An email receipt of the proposal submission will be sent to all applicants. A proposal will not be considered officially received until a confirmation email has been sent. 

●      Applicants will be notified by letter postmarked by June 2nd, 2023

Proposal Review and Assessment

Consultants will be evaluated on the following criteria:

●       Quality of the proposed statement of work (5 points)

●       Relevant experience and qualifications (5 points)

●       Understanding of the developmental sector and MCCSS Journey to Belonging initiative (5 points)

●       Availability during project period (2 points)

●       Competitiveness of cost / hourly rate and expenses (3 points)

CLOC reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal and will review all applications submitted by the deadline. The award will be based on a review of the proposal against the evaluation criteria and will not be awarded to the lowest budget. 

Additional written materials, or interviews to ascertain the qualifications of the applicant may be requested.


Successful Applicants Requirement


●      The successful applicant will be required to enter into a Service Agreement with CLOC

●      Provide the services for a defined period of time

●      Provide invoices to CLOC on account of their services, accordingly

●      Provide CLOC with an HST number for their business

Key Dates


●        Request for proposal issue date:                                            May 2nd, 2023

●        Deadline for proposal submissions:                                        4pm on May 15th, 2023

●        Approval of Recommended Applicant:                                    June 2nd, 2023

●        Commencement of project:                                                      June 12, 2023

●        The Expansion Project Consultation and Analysis with all materials available for presentation to stakeholders:       December 1st, 2023

For more information:

Kathy Mangunatmodjo, MSW RSW

Clinical, Program Manager

To apply to this position, please contact the job poster via email