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Web Developer

The Partner

Collaborators will be working with Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN), Explosives Safety and Security branch (ESSB). ESSB’s mandate is the safety and security of Canadians. The ESSB is responsible for administering the Explosives Act, which regulates industries that use explosives, including oil and gas, mining, construction and entertainment industry.

The Project

Collaborators will work with their government partners to redesign a user-friendly tool for inspectors and admin staff to better ensure compliance on explosive storage sites. The goal of this new system is increased efficiency, less human-error, and integration with existing systems to enable data-driven decision-making at the ESSB.

Your work will allow for improved communication with stakeholders and advanced analytics to support strategic decision-making. A user-centric tool can reduce the regulatory burden and free up resources to ensure that the % of sites inspected from year to year is focused on the highest priority areas and lead to proper stewardship of our resources.

The Role

We’re looking for someone who has…

  • Experience with deploying Microsoft Dynamics applications
  • Experience deploying enterprise applications using Azure
  • Experience applying industry web and security standards such as SOC2 and best practices to your work that can be adopted by others
  • Proficiency with agile and iterative development processes
  • The ability to work closely with designers to ensure applications are user friendly
  • The ability to effectively identify and communicate a reasonable development structure with designers, product managers, and nontechnical stakeholders
  • Flexibility in trying new approaches and languages
  • C# and .NET are an asset

A cover letter is not required.

What else?

This Collaborator team will be composed of 3x people: 1x Developer, 1x UX Design Researcher, and 1x Product Manager. We recognize that many applicants have multidisciplinary skill sets. We ask applicants to apply once, in the stream that reflects their strongest skill set.

Additional experience in GIS, data science, community organizing, non-profit, government, and policy work is highly desired.

Professional fluency in French is not required, but is an asset on most teams.

We’ll provide opportunities to showcase additional experience throughout the application processes.