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In 2004, the Centre for Social Innovation opened Canada’s first coworking space. Since then, CSI Membership has expanded to offer shared supports for everyone on their social impact journey. Whether you’re looking for a tight-knit community, mentorship, entrepreneurial resources and training, or for a way to support people and planet, we’ve got something for you.

Today, CSI is Canada’s largest social innovation community. Some of our members are new to the social innovation world, while others have decades of entrepreneurial experience under their belt. We’ve got leaders of community-based initiatives, and intrapreneurs within large companies. There are individuals and organizations addressing food justice, racial justice, climate action, barriers to employment, workers’ rights, and more. The one thing that unites us? We all care deeply about making the world better for all.

Bring a friend! For a limited time, CSI Members can bring a guest to work in our member-only lounges. 

CSI Community Membership

All the benefits, minus the workspace for only $36 + HST!

Members are the life blood of the community. Being a member of CSI is the most fun you can have while making change.

Good for: People looking for friends, connections, activities, and community. Entrepreneurs who want to drop in every once in a while. Supporters who care about CSI.

Love your home office? Continue working from home while using CSI Annex (720 Bathurst St.) as a business address. Your virtual office includes mail service and a 50% discount on meeting room bookings, for whenever you need to impress a client, investor, or partner face to face.

Package Includes: 

  • Includes 1 CSI Community Membership 
  • 50% off Meeting Rooms and Event Spaces
  • Business address with mailbox
  • Total cost of Membership ($36) + Mailbox ($39) = $75/month + HST

Good for: Entrepreneurs who want to drop in every once in a while.

CSI Hybrid Workspace Membership

Scalable on demand.

The future of work is flexible. 
If your team likes working in the office a couple days a week, we can put together a package that works for you. Plus, you’ll get some free meeting room time and a 50% discount on additional meeting room bookings when you need a space to ideate and collaborate.

Good for: Small teams who want to work in the office 1-2 days a week.

Hot Desks are the best way to immerse yourself in the social innovation ecosystem! A Hot Desk package gives you more than just 24/7 access to our fantastic spaces. It also gives you the opportunity to join a tight-knit community, to build your skills, and to connect with a national network of leaders, innovators, and collaborators.

For as little as $150/month, you can make CSI your home base and get all the perks of being a CSI Member. Drop in when you need a space to work, and take advantage of our networks, events, and people! Whether you’re a new founder or a systems changer, there’s a package for you.

Three Types Available. 

  • Hot Desk 1 is $150/month and includes 1 day a week space access and 20 Meeting Room Coins.
  • Hot Desk 2 is $250/month and includes 2 days a week space access and 60 Meeting Room Coins
  • Hot Desk 3 is $375/month and includes unlimited space access and 120 Meeting Room Coins
  • 50% discount on additional meeting room hours 
  • $25 Lounge Passes if extra days are required
  • All packages include a mailbox  

Good for: Founders, solo entrepreneurs, and employees with coworking credits. 

Your team loves to work from home, but maybe they miss the connection and community of the office? Come in one day a week and kick off your projects, collect your mail, and drink some hot organic coffee on a vintage couch with a new friend! Don’t worry, talking to strangers is like riding a bike: worth the risk! 

$550/Month. Package Includes:

  • Four Hot Desk 1 packages. Thats workspace for four people, one day a week.
  • 120 Meeting Room Coins (thats enough for a one hour meeting, once a week) 
  • 50% discount on additional meeting room hours 
  • $25 Lounge Passes if extra days are required 
  • Mailbox included 

Good for: Small teams that want to kick off their week together in-person.  

Workspace for six, two days a week. Get a full day with a dedicated Team Table, a dedicated workspace where you can spend the day working together as a team. Then, each member gets a second day of Hot Desking each week, so they can come in and work on their own terms. It’s a great value, like six Hot Desk 2 packages but 50% of the cost.

$750/Month. Package Includes:

  • Six individual workspace packages. That’s workspace for six people, two days a week. A $1500 value.
  • Dedicated Team Table one day a week
  • 200 Meeting Room Coins
  • 50% discount on additional meeting room hours 
  • $25 Lounge Passes if extra days are required
  • Mailbox included  

Good for: Medium sized teams that want to work together in-person, and come in one day on their own. 

CSI Coworking Space Membership

More than just free coffee.

When CSI opened, we were the first coworking space in Canada. In the over 15 years since, we’ve been thrilled to watch the world catch up with us. We wanted to change the game, not be the only game in town.


  • We’re a nonprofit space. Rents and membership fees are reinvested here. 
  • We curate our members. You’ll be surrounded by organizations putting people and planet first.
  • We’ve built a real community. You’ll find real meaning and belonging here.
  • We promote member work daily (you’ll get access to our audience of 75K people).

Simply put, if you are a business or organization that wants to change the world, we’d love to help you make that happen.

Whether you need a private office for your team, or just a reason to get out of your house a few hours a month, we offer coworking, community, education, and acceleration services to people just like you.

Good for: People with stuff! People with people. Keep your files secured, store your books, make a dedicated space home for you and your your team. 

Don’t need all the bells and whistles? Stay connected to our work — for free — via the CSI Network.

Group of people celebrating in the Climate Ventures space.

The Most Flexible CSI Membership. Ever.

Member Discounts

TechSoup Canada

Free or discounted technology resources


20% discount on all Ownr products and services

Meeting Rooms and Event Spaces

Discounted event spaces and 50% off meeting rooms.

Toronto Tool Library

Discounts on tools and access to the MakerSpace in CSI Spadina

UPS and Good Foot Delivery

50% savings on UPS Small Package Shipments

Coworking Passport

10 free coworking days at partner workspaces across Canada

Ready To Become A CSI Member?

Let us know how you’d like to customize your membership. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an organization, a networker or a serial socializer, a supporter or an optimist, or all of those things combined, we’ll welcome you with open arms!

Featured Members And Alumni

Logo Bar of CSI Members and Alumni: Ontario Nonprofit Network, StopGap Foundation, Mommy Monitor, AccessNow, Twenty One Toys, Canopy, Waer Rangers, makeroom, Future Majority, Ontario Council of International Cooperation

The CSI Network

If you aren’t ready to become a CSI Member yet, you can still stay connected to the community and our work through the CSI Network — for free!

You’ll be the first to know about impact jobs and events, get weekly updates on how CSI members are creating the Next Economy, and never miss a new program, accelerator, or funding opportunity again.