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Develop, Validate, Launch, And Grow Your Enterprise

Looking to take your idea from the back of the envelope to impact? Whether you’re ready to turn a prototype into a venture or grow your fledgling venture into a sustainable enterprise, our accelerators provide structured supports to help you along your journey. Check out CSI’s accelerators for climate and social ventures.

As an accelerated venture, you get complimentary CSI Membership for the duration of the program. That means you can network with CSI’s community of impact entrepreneurs, book discounted meeting rooms and event space, attend exclusive education events, and leverage our social capital to increase your profile. You get to make the most out of your time with us!

Past Accelerators Have Included

Complimentary CSI Membership
Pitch Nights
One-on-One Coaching
Investment and Funding
Training and Education

Acceleration In Action

Here are all our ongoing accelerators. If applications aren’t open right now, click through to get notified when they are. Or, take a look at all our programs.

Person in jeans and a green cap caring for crops
  • CSI Accelerates
  • Climate Ventures
Apply by: Applications Open
Prove your venture's potential. This 6-week program will help you validate your value proposition and business model, hone your pitch, develop your minimum viable product, and more.
Two people looking at a graphs on a piece of paper.
  • CSI Educates
  • Social Ventures
Adopting Common Measures is a national three-year project that aims to support Social Purpose Organizations as they measure and track their impact towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Adopting Common Measures is being led by the Centre for Social Innovation, in partnership with Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet) and the Common Approach to Impact Measurement.
Engineer working on machine
  • CSI Accelerates
  • Climate Ventures
Accelerator programs for Canadians tackling climate and water challenges through the power of entrepreneurship. Access mentors, advisors, training, and networks with Accelerate from Anywhere. All you need is an internet connection!
Two people wearing lab coats looking at a notepad in a pink-tinted lab
  • CSI Educates
  • Climate Ventures
Apply by: Applications Closed
Learn the foundations of impact entrepreneurship and begin your journey, from identifying the right problem to turning your solution into a sustainable business model.
  • CSI Connects
  • Community Wealth, Social Ventures
In this event series, you’ll hear from incredible leaders who create positive change and that builds the Next Economy - one that is regenerative, equitable, and prosperous for all.
  • CSI Accelerates
  • Climate Ventures
We launched a competition on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Climate CoLab platform to solicit a broad range of possible solutions to help SMEs in Ontario reduce their direct and indirect GHG emissions while helping them thrive.

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