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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are attempting to reset your password and are unable to do so, you will want to first:

  1. Confirm that the email address entered is the one under which you are registered. If it is, then follow these steps to troubleshoot:
  2. If you were migrated to this new portal as an existing member of CSI, it is possible that you have not yet verified your full login information for The Common Platform, and this is a necessary step before you can reset your password.

    To complete this process, please find an email in your inbox from (Subject Line: “Important Action Required: Your CSI Member Online Access”), and follow the steps there to complete your verification.

    If you cannot find this email in your inbox, please look in your spam folder. If it is not there or if the link in the email has expired, then please contact for assistance.

Your username for the Common Platform is the email you used to register with us. You should have an email in your inbox with the subject: “Thanks for signing up!”, Simply check the email address that it was sent to and login to be part of the community.