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Solutions For All Stages of Your Journey

We support Next Economy solutions – and the leaders and teams developing them – from ideation to impact.

This may take, for example, the form of a lab where we bring together key stakeholders to build prototypes, or our educational and accelerator programs where early-stage entrepreneurs validate, test, launch and grow their social and climate enterprises. 

Innovation and entrepreneurial energy are critical for solving complex challenges. But to truly unlock the possibilities for change, we believe this creativity needs to connect to the larger systemic challenges that impede our progress towards the next economy. 

We work intentionally to match the solutions revealed through social innovation labs and challenges with the firepower of acceleration. When you’re part of CSI, you’re part of this broader innovation ecosystem working to connect ideas with action.

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Our Methodology

A swirl with CSI Connects as the beginning point. It extends to CSI Connects, then becomes a slope with CSI Accelerates, passes through CSI Invests at its peak, and ends with Jobs + Solutions for the Next Economy.

The Swirl

Our methodological approach – or ‘The Swirl” as we affectionately call it – shows where along their journey innovator and entrepreneurs may may fall into CSI’s programming.

Our Methods

CSI Solves

We help corporate, government and community partners discover solutions to the complex challenges  impeding progress towards the Next Economy. From homelessness and hygiene, to affordable housing, to creating employment opportunities for newcomer communities, CSI Solves creates new models with the potential to transform existing paradigms and reveal market opportunities.

What We Offer

Our solutions labs, innovation challenges and active prototyping, help partners build their capacity for innovative problem solving and collaboration needed to accelerate the adoption of new ideas. Check out some of our past work!

Programs & Projects

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