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Our online workshops and gatherings are great ways for members and nonmembers to learn from each other and support their individual and entrepreneurial growth. From Lunch and Learns to How To’s, our Online Animation provides the CSI Network with opportunities to explore essential skills, make new connections in the field, and get inspired!

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Stories from CSI Connects

Employee ownership builds community wealth, improves business performance, and creates a more inclusive economy. Cofounder of Grantbook and Unwrapit Peter Deitz explains what an Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) is, why he implemented one, and how this approach could disrupt the Canadian economy for the better.
call to the network
Our CSI Community Animator, Marcus Huynh, shares a few words about the year, what he hopes for our community, and how he is here to support.
Graphic of 8 women entrepreneurs featured in the blog
As we continue to celebrate International Women's Day, we spotlight some of the brilliant women entrepreneurs at CSI building the Next Economy by combatting the climate crisis, creating healthcare solutions, developing new technologies, and mentoring the next generation.
8(Bit) Degrees - Virtual Networking (3)
Most online spaces aren't designed for serendipity. They’re strictly regulated: every meeting is prescribed with purpose and a set list of attendees. This is great when you need to hit a deadline, but terrible when you’re looking to truly connect with people.
Every One Every Day
Building social capital and linking with social ecosystems is the foundation of strengthening any community, and it is particularly true in Regent Park. Denise Soueidan-O'Leary, our Regent Park Community Manager, wrote about how Our Every One Every Day: Toronto Our Neighbourhood Project brought community members together.
small portraits as fridge magnets
"We have a vision of a Canada where young people can really explore their entrepreneurial potential, to build the most inclusive and prosperous place in the world." - Venture For Canada's Juanita Lee Garcia
org featured images(4)
EcoIndustrees has made its entire catalogue available online! As production of their bags begins once again, the creators, artisans, and farmers involved with this early-stage startup will be positively impacted. You can support Mihir and his team by taking a look at their bags. We sat down with Mihir to talk about how COVID is impacting his business, and how being at CSI is helping.
Freshly painted black walls at the front of CSI Spadina
hero image plants

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CSI Connects helps you build the relationships and collaborations to make change happen. Come to learn, share, make friends and allies. It’s as much about learning as it is about fostering belonging, cohesion and community resilience.