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Everyone has a story. We give you the tools to share them. 9to5 Narrative understands the value of personal experience and how it informs our passions and forms the foundation of our value system and knowledge base. Social Innovators often draw on their own life experiences as a way to identify and create change in the world around them. These stories are particularly powerful in motivating and inspiring others. However, it's difficult to know what story to share and how it connects to business. In connecting the dots between the personal and the professional, we offer social ventures and established enterprises individual story coaching sessions and group workshops designed to discover and develop their personal experiences into compelling professional narratives. Crafting a compelling narrative makes it easier to share and develop a well-articulated pitch. Share your knowledge and authentically communicate your passion, purpose and ideas effectively to others. Instruction includes general knowledge and presentation techniques designed to provide practical experience, improve your skills, enhance and convey your story in a compelling and confident manner. We teach how to apply the latest research in neurobiology to structure compelling stories that capture the attention of your audience, from intimate boardroom settings to large conferences and gatherings.

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