If one's life is like a play, then welcome to my 'Act V'. With 25+ years in both the corporate and non-profit sectors, including 12 years international experience, I've ditched my 'safety net' (i.e., the job) and am on a journey - make that a mission - to discover what it is I need to do; where I am compelled to focus my energy and skills. Is it within the corporate world? Uh uh. The heart, although it's taken a beating, still lies with non-profits, start-ups, and bringing about positive change through social innovation. You know, that idealistic 'stuff' that doesn't necessary pay the bills, but definitely let's you sleep better at night knowing you're doing the most with your life. Call me an unrepentant idealist. I can take it! I welcome it! A final note, if you're not already an organ and tissue donor, why is that? I truly want to know. If it's just because you haven't gotten around to registering, I'm making it dead easy for you. Click here: https://beadonor.ca/marcella-tomas

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