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Adrienne Ng

Start-Up Lawyer & Serial Entrepreneur

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I'm a serial entrepreneur, lawyer & engineer.

I'm a partner & lawyer at Open LLP (http://www.openllp.com), a boutique business and intellectual property law firm for start-ups, entrepreneurs and technology companies in Toronto. I'm co-founder of a cool little company called Indie Coffee Passport (http://www.indiecoffeepassport.com) that has launched in 7 cities across North America. And I'm also co-founder of LUVYT (http://www.luvyt.com), an online wedding jewelry rentals store. My most recent start-up is HippoMD (http://www.hippomd.ca), a mobile app that dispatches doctors, on-demand, directly to patients. And when the mood strikes me, I get involved with graphic and web design projects with my dev shop, Voltis Design (http://www.voltisdesign.com). I've been building websites since I was 15.

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