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Agata Rudd

It's only one straw, said seven billion people.

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I cut my teeth in for-profit sectors. Managerial roles at education and environmental non-profits followed and now I’m embarking on the journey of social entrepreneurship.

I’ve worn a lot of hats in my previous jobs – I managed projects, teams, run events and lead outreach campaigns to name just a few. All these equipped me with a diverse set of skills which I love putting in practice in start up environments.

Having always loved the outdoors, I quietly rebelled against the environmental degradation around me, until my eye-opening cycling trip around South East Asia in 2014 finally spurred me to act. Until then, I limited my actions to small lifestyle changes, volunteering with river and beach clean ups and experimenting with work-based eco-initiatives.

After the 2014 trip I overhauled the way I (and my partner) lived, embraced the low-waste meat-free lifestyle, took a leadership role on the board of Canada’s environmental magazine, Alternatives Journal, and decided to set up a social enterprise to help others lower their ecological footprint.

How? That is the next chapter to be written at CSI.

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