AIDS-Free World a project of Tides Canada Initiatives Society

Advocating for more urgent and effective global responses to HIV and AIDS
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AIDS-Free World is an international advocacy organization working to end AIDS by dismantling the social injustices that sustain it. We identify fractures within the halls of power, then find entry points and plot the fastest, most effective routes to change, from media exposure to public pressure to litigation. We share our analyses and strategies with a network of advocates who address HIV and women’s rights from different vantage points, swap perspectives and insights, fill gaps in one another’s capacities, and unite to support and endorse one another’s advocacy efforts. We are uncompromising and relentless in the face of complacency, corruption, archaic laws, and failures of leadership, frequently speaking and acting when others can’t or won’t. We believe that civil society can and must monitor how our leaders and decision-makers wield their power, and we can use our own power, individually and collectively, to expose double standards and to demand that practice follows policies and actions follow words.

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