Alex Oldroyd

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Aloha mai kākou, my name is Alexander Keone Kapuni Oldroyd. I am of Native Hawaiian and European descent, originally from the Unites States but currently living in Canada where I am pursuing my Master's in Development Practice in Indigenous Development from the University of Winnipeg. Prior to coming to Canada, I studied at Brigham Young University, where I graduated with honors with a BA in English and as a Ballard Scholar for Social Innovation. I first became interested in international development and the SDGs while living in Nicaragua for two years where I experienced extreme poverty for the first time. After returning home and considering my own family history, I knew that I had a responsibility to use the privileges my ancestors built for me to create systems-level impact in the world. Since that time, I've started two businesses (the first of which failed miserably), worked for the Utah State Legislature, helped raise thousands of funds for non-profit and tribal organizations in Utah, helped set up an incubator serving refugees in Manchester, guided troubled youth through therapeutic high adventures in the Utah wilderness, and worked as a research fellow at the Indigenomics Institute. With each new experience, I become better positioned to create sustainable change in the world. The change I'm working toward is Indigenous economic liberation.

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