Allen Hirsh

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I started NextGenLeaders to respond to the pressing need to develop our next generation. Leadership supply hasn’t kept up with demand and we need to invest in individuals who will be ready to fill mission-critical roles and lead our organizations.

My purpose and passion is to help clients achieve their business results and personally grow as leaders. I do this by encouraging people to have the courageous and interesting conversations about their “preferred future,” understand their “current reality,” and develop practical actions for closing the gaps. I work with leaders to develop high impact solutions to some of the key questions they face:
• How do I raise my own game and impact as a leader?
• How do we get our people mobilized and engaged around creating and executing our business strategy?
• How do we create and reinforce the right organizational culture, values, structures and management processes?
• How do we drive innovation and growth?
• Who are the right players we need around the table and how do I get them working collaboratively as a team?
• How do we develop our future leaders?
• How do I shape our Board for maximum positive impact?

NextGenLeaders is a collaborative network of 30 Ontario based management consultants, organization development specialists and coaches. We use an action-based coaching approach to support senior leaders and their ‘rising stars.’ We help leaders improve the quality and speed of execution, and in the process help the organization expand its capabilities in change management, learning, and talent building.
Prior to starting NextGenLeaders I was a partner at the firms of Oliver Wyman, Mercer Delta and Johnston Smith International. With 34 years of experience as an organization and leadership consultant, I wear a variety of hats: strategist, facilitator, organization designer, coach, team builder, and educator. I use a collaborative, energetic and creative style, which builds commitment to the change process and leads to innovative problem solving. I am a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) working with a diverse set of clients in the private, public and social enterprise sectors.
In my volunteer life it has been my privilege to be closely affiliated with Ashoka Canada where I lead the Canadian Ashoka Fellows Support Network, and with Civic Action, where I've been intimately and actively involved with the DiverseCity Fellows program since the "drawing board" stage six years ago.
Lately I’ve been humming that old folk classic “Kisses Sweeter than Wine” – as I think about my wonderful and growing family (3 grandchildren). When I’m not with them, I enjoy working in my studio, bicycling, going on canoe trips, hiking, or obsessing in my vegetable garden.

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