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Alvaro Ramos

Born in A Coruu00f1a (Spain) but living in Toronto where he tries to survive in the jungle of Graphic and Website Design

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THE OCTOPIX APPROACH Here in the future, it looks as if everything was invented at Octopix. Still, we keep on daring to create tomorrow's 'normal' today. THINK, CREATE, AMAZE We enjoy taking care of every little detail in the creative process so that what we do makes sense to you, and to your visitors. There's nothing more rewarding than the look of amazement on a client's face when they see what we've created for them. WEBSITES SHOULD BE ENJOYABLE, NOT FRUSTRATING We believe that information on the web should be easy to find and even easier to understand; the user experience and the interface so intuitive that anyone can navigate through it -not squinting and frowning, but with a delighted grin.

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