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Amy Hosotsuji

Passionate in using group facilitation, event planning & futures thinking to make change.

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I am often considering the whole before I am considering the individual. My mission is to facilitate methods, approaches, and create spaces and opportunities for humanity to move forth into a more regenerative, healing, and just world/state. I have 8 years of experience working in social justice and artistic movements and organizations. I've consulted funders, non-profits, charities and social enterprises on justice and equity approaches. I am a group host/facilitator (using Art of Hosting and Deep Democracy approaches), I convene, I coordinate, I event-plan, I design conferences, I research and educate and think often about systems and their inter-relationships and impacts. I'm strategic and philosophical so I approach most things with these underlying questions and interests.

I work in innovation in the public sector currently while building my organization, the Futures Network. My intent is to raise the futures literacy of changemakers and activists around the world who are on their journeys to moving the needle on systemic problems or manifesting justice in their local communities. My teaching futures literacy entails prompting, guiding and encouraging imagination and creativity to get outside of our linear, everyday way of thinking and out of our short-term or reactive thinking.

Personally, I meditate and am currently trying to get into martial arts and trying to sing more as it is one of my natural ways to connect with myself.

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