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I do communications consulting, business analysis, and training/education with non profits and women over 50, helping them to understand how to best use technology and the internet to further their goals; I have found there is a real gap in services for women my age (ie, over 50). Many of them are embarking on second careers and becoming social entrepreneurs for the first time, and they have no support system in terms of navigating the murky waters of setting up their own blog, or using social media, or even understanding how to create a Linked in profile. I also do webiste redesign and content strategy for government/municipalities, and NFP's, as well as workshops on communications. Recent/current clients include Photographers Without Borders, and The Peer Project. And, as part of my education focus, I teach new media communications at Centennial College and produce educational technology products; I'm working on a math app for kids as well as a reading game.

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