I have been in sales for most of my life. Prior to joining Office SOS (my wife's company) I was a professional singer. In order to be successful as a singer (as well as prior positions in sales) I had developed a process for my sales regimen. I have discovered in the last year or so that the vast majority of businesses do not have a good sales regimen. It is not because these people don't care about their customers, it is because they are often overwhelmed. My passion is helping people set up a sales process where they can achieve the goals they strive for in life.

We help entrepreneurs double their business activity using the activities they are already doing and the leads they already have.
Without the pressure of new lead generation.
If you’re not following up with prospects more than 5 times you’re leaving 80% sales on the table. We fix this for you. Forever.

We make follow-up easy with a process and tool that you can start using immediately.
Never lose an important contact again.

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