Angie Di Iorio Blake

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Sarana Institute's mission focuses on mindfulness and compassion education that supports individuals in sustaining their well-being. Offering workshops, courses, retreats, and training, both in the city and at our nature refuge near Owen Sound, we create teaching spaces that explore inner and relational skills. Our flagship program is a 9-month, 5 weekend Mindfulness + Compassion certificate training at SickKids hospital designed for Healthcare and Hospice Palliative Care professionals and volunteers. We offer year round mindfulness classes and retreats and in August our Young Adult Program for ages 18-30, which is a nature-informed, mentoring and mindfulness program that takes participates through a transformative process that includes developing inner leadership, compassion, nature and food awareness skills. Our programs and current faculty draw wisdom from secular mindfulness, neuroscience, deep ecology, Buddhism, Indigenous healing, psychology, traditional and non traditional medicine, nutrition, expressive arts, and yoga + movement.

As a non profit charity operating since 2004, we have a strong commitment to building a community-base model, where we understanding the calming and attentions-based skills of mindfulness that support the capacity for embodied compassion for self, others, and the Earth.

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