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Award-Winning Second City alumnus Brian G. Smith is Artistic Director of weekly Improv classes at the Centre for Social Innovation [CSI Annex]. The culture of CSI permeates the class; it's an inclusive, positive & fun place to exercise your brain and spirit. Also part of the Annex Improv offering is 'PowerPoint Improv', a fun team building event for corporate and private groups. Participants are coached to deliver a spontaneous PPT presentation using slides they've never seen before. Excellent for developing a 'Yes, And' company team, better communication skills and FUN corporate culture. At your office, ours, or offsite at your weekend retreat. Annex Improv focuses less on Improv ‘games’ and more on exercises that promote honest reactions and interactions. The results are no less hilarious, but the process is deep; it makes for better relationships, storytelling, & personal/professional growth. CSI Annex Improv classes are Monday nights in 'The Garage' at 720 Bathurst, ground floor. Contact info@AnnexImprov.com for more info.

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