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Alimentary is a future food agency based in Toronto. It was founded by Dr. Aruna Antonella Handa in 2011. Alimentary has partnered with galleries and museums including Gallery 345 (Toronto); the Explorers Club (New York); and the Space for Life museums (Montreal) as well as a myriad of food start-ups, farmers, inventors and artists to explore and create a future of food that is tasty, healthy and sustainable. To date, Alimentary has hosted future food salons in Toronto, Montreal, New York and Austin. Together with Montreal's Space for Life Insectarium and the Culture of Cities Centre, Alimentary curated North America's first international conference on edible insects in 2014. Currently preparations are underway for the next Future Food Salon series on fungi, algae and cultured foods. The interplanetary love dinners to celebrate the discovery of the Trappist-1 dwarf star with its seven earth like planets have begun in 2017 as well. If you would like to join the Future Food Salons, please get in touch.

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