Ashley Newport

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How do I make this sound a little less generic and not quite so brand-build-y?

I'll do my best.

I'm the editor of a modest, not-quite-a-handful-just-yet group of city blogs that focus on breaking news, current events, food and restaurants, politics, lifestyle and entertainment. The start up I call home is best known as, but we also operate (we like giving the Region of Peel, which we all grew up in, a whole lot of love) and, starting soon, (a website that will focus on Oakville, Milton and Burlington).

As for me, I'm a writer and editor by trade (well, I'm a pretty strong writer and competent editor, I think). I have a bachelor's degree in Professional Writing from York University and a Print Journalism diploma from Sheridan College.

I'm often shocked that I'm not in school anymore. I genuinely believed I'd be 22 forever.

Although I was born and raised in Mississauga (hence my role in starting, I currently live in the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood in Toronto with my fiance and our very spoiled cat.

My interests are pretty basic and include reading (and genuinely enjoying) competitor and non-competitor blogs and news sites, reading novels, trying new restaurants, eating All The Foods, worrying about the effects All The Foods have on my body, yoga (no, I can't do a handstand), Soul Cycling (the energy is so great!), indie rock, cheese, wine, Netflix, HBO, movies (who doesn't love movies?), vinyl collecting (ugh, I'm the worst!), shopping (I'm a rabid consumer, all marketing works on me), traveling (I've never taken a picture with a drugged tiger, though), exploring, art, museums, vigorous gossiping, and more.