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The Art of Customer Service

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The Art of Customer Service is a unique training program where the primary focus is on building relationships. We teach the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for success in any public-facing position. We use a variety of teaching methods including mini-lectures, videos, demonstrations, discussions and practical exercises. We combine these with artistic, physical, vocal, and other activities to illustrate themes that are significant when dealing with clients. Our approach facilitates learning in many different ways. Using many variations in presentation methods and activities ensures that all types of learners are engaged. It also creates a more complete and interesting experience for all. The program is flexible and fluid; it will be adjusted for the participants’ education level, language and literacy skills, culture, and disabilities. Our team members all have extensive customer service experience. Facilitators are artists, life coaches, fitness instructors, actors, and business people. All are experienced, skilled teachers. This program will be useful to anyone working with people on a regular basis. Whether working with clients face-to-face, by phone, or on the internet, learning to connect with others will help students of this program reach their personal, professional, and financial goals while helping organizations improve their relationships with clients and staff.

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