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Reducing Single-use Plastic in our Community!

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Our goal is to reduce single-use plastics and packaging by encouraging both consumers and businesses to practice waste reduction together. The plastic we use and throw away everyday is poisoning our planet. Plastic garbage can be found everywhere, including as microscopic pieces in our food and water. This is because plastic does not decompose, it only breaks down into smaller pieces. Plastic packaging is almost always new plastic, and we produce more of it than we can recycle. The good news is, much of the plastic we use can be avoided. One easy way for everyone to do their part is to minimize single-use plastic by using reusable containers such as coffee cups, water bottles, string bags for produce, cloth bags for bread and bulk food, reusable containers for takeout food and deli items such as meat and cheese or a reusable shopping bag. We do this in two ways: Firstly, we encourage neighbourhood businesses to participate in this initiative by displaying our Beaches Reduces sticker at the door and accepting customers’ reusable containers whenever possible. Then, through community outreach at local events & farmers markets, we encourage neighbourhood residents to BYO reusable containers whenever possible and sell zero waste tools to help them get started on their journey.

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