My name is Beth and I'm English/Canadian. I'm studying Environment and Business with Geography and Environmental Management at the University of Waterloo and have working with sustainable development, MDGs and now SDGs for 10 years! The journey started with social entrepreneurship and I am currently exploring getting back into this space! My experience is mostly based around SDG 13, Climate Action, SDG 5 Gender Inequality and SDG 17, Partnerships for the Goals in research, educational tools, entrepreneurship, strategic planning and events. I have worked in different countries and believe we need to elevate the voice of others who are less advantaged. I created a short film in 2018 about homelessness in Canada and it changed everything for me. I want to explore creating an enterprise in the creative space of storytelling and international environmental and social justice. Currently I volunteer on the Sustainability Advisory Board for the City of Waterloo where I'm helping to shape their climate plan and I work with SDSN Canada as the National Youth Network Coordinator.

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