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I am a co-founder of a new project called Unwell Unlimitedly. For now, we just have an Instagram account and our offline advocacy. We are currently building a website and a much larger venture beyond that. We both live with various chronic illnesses and through our experiences, we have come across a huge lack of understanding about chronic conditions in general. I personally am living with fibromyalgia, endometriosis and bipolar disorder. This has shaped how I see the world and how I pay attention to how others see me.

Through Unwell Unlimitedly, we hope to raise awareness about what daily life is actually like and also advocate for various causes simultaneously, such as encouraging the various provincial governments to fund the cystic fibrosis medication called Orkambi. We believe that people will be more likely to engage with causes if they can interact with people directly and see the minutiae of day-to-day living. This will break down barriers and hopefully erase stigma as well.

Our second pillar of activity relates to our title, Unwell Unlimitedly. We strongly believe that it is possible for those with disabilities and chronic illnesses to live meaningfully. It might look different than the lives of others or what they expected for themselves, but with the right tools, we feel both ourselves and others with chronic illness can live both unwell without limits - unlimitedly!

Together, we have experience in advocacy, fundraising, public speaking, writing, education, communications, video and more. We are banding together and welcome others to join us in making society more inclusive for all citizens.

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