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Our mission is to help diverse early career professionals excel in commercial real estate careers, so they can become the next generation of socially responsible developers. We will provide top quality training, consulting, and team building to spark entrepreneurial action plans that catalyze socially responsible real estate development. To help people discover their capacity to create better quality of life for others with their urban real estate developments. Beyond Proformas earned its Certified B Corporation designation due to its verifiable social impact. By ensuring we are inclusive in our training and networking programs, particularly with respect to women and people of colour who are often underrepresented/undervalued in the real estate sector. We envision a tomorrow where future developers redefine the role and purpose of a commercial real estate development firm within a community. Where they build work spaces that bring together private sector and social entrepreneurs to tackle social issues and create economic growth. Where they build play spaces that are reflective of community needs and promote appreciation for arts and culture.