The members of the Leaders Expedition are united by the conviction that addressing the issues facing the world today requires a new kind of leadership – one inspired by the potential of the future rather than defined by the legacies of our collective histories. Instead, LEx members envision a culture of leadership in which personal fulfillment, enterprise success, environmental sustainability and social justice are guarantors of prosperity in a world of abundance.

We do not pretend to have ‘the’ answer(s), but rather we believe that a global cohort of accomplished persons exists that if made a community and provided the requisite inspiration and infrastructure, will devise the nuanced solutions needed to address complex opportunities and challenges for generations to come.

Accordingly, our objective is to Connect, Empower and Mobilize this global community of leader-creators who embody and embrace our Vision, Mission, Core Values, First Principles and Membership Pledge - to lead by example in their organizations, their communities and the sectors within which they work and thus start to measurably Transform the world by 2020.

We believe that the community we create can only have the perseverance and power needed to succeed if its members first attend to each other’s needs – to balance enlightened self-interest with a joint commitment to global transformation. This is a key differentiator.

Moreover, the LEx community must be equipped for a generational moon-shot challenge – there are no silver-bullet solutions to the complexity of issues underlying the root-causes of populism.

We likewise believe that all initiatives – our Projects and Missions - need to be measurable, accountable and transparent, Return-on-Investment oriented, but with a focus on the Return-on-Impact.

Today we have just over 400 members in 20+ countries.

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