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Book Clubs for Inmates (BCFI) is a registered not-for-profit organization that organizes volunteer-led book clubs within federal penitentiaries across Canada. Currently, BCFI is facilitating 26 book clubs inside 17 different penitentiaries in seven provinces. BCFI runs French and English language book clubs for men and women incarcerated in minimum, medium, and maximum security facilities. Book clubs are usually made up of 10-18 members who meet once a month to discuss books, both fiction and non-fiction of literary merit. Every month, hundreds of inmates participate in book clubs across the country and each year thousands of brand new books are purchased, read, and discussed. Eventually, most inmates re-enter society. By encouraging literacy while incarcerated, we help them develop empathy, listening skills, and self-awareness. Our vision and ultimate goal is to establish book clubs in every federal penitentiary in Canada.

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