Building Roots (Food Forward)

Creating places to grow, cook, buy and share healthy food in every neighbourhood

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Building Roots is an emergent initiative of Food Forward, a grassroots non-profit organization, where Torontonians meet to create a better City through food. We act together to educate and advocate effectively for healthy food and communities that are inclusive, diverse, ethical, local, and resilient. Starting as an advocacy project, Building Roots is working to develop into a sustainable social venture. We have developed one contract with TCHC which allowed us to support the goals and implementation of an exciting project. We are working to find more partners and consulting to develop further models for food projects in developments. We are now developing specific policy proposals and meeting with councillors and residents in five diverse low income neighbourhoods to support the development of commercial kitchens, food stores, markets, urban agriculture and community food hubs in Toronto neighbourhoods. We are working to develop a model in which we can support private and public sector housing developments and revitalizations to develop this infrastructure using existing models, funds and partnerships.

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