Caelan Castelane McComb

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I have been working in the fashion/vintage clothing industry for the past 8 years. For the past 4 years I have been buying used clothing for a brand called Frankie / Fasinfrank. They are reworking used clothing to create new garments on a large scale. Competing with large very destructive brands like H&M, Top Shop, ETC. For the past year I also started working with a shop in NYC called Procell. Brian Procell has quite a following and works directly sourcing vintage for big brands in fashion like Marc Jacobs, Supreme, Tommy Hilfiger, ETC. Now I am also building my own brand like Frankie taking used clothing and making something new. I am building my website ATM and will be releasing it in a shop in NYC at the end of April. I want to put pressure on the fashion industry and raise more awareness. I am very excited to build with a community and carry it through to have an impact on my industry. The fashion industry is extremely destructive and we need to make serious changes.

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