Caleigh Bachop

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I have a background in medical anthropology from the University of North Carolina, and I've worked on an interdisciplinary psychiatric research team in McGill University's Department of Transcultural Psychiatry. My research involved studying bias and misdiagnosis in clinical interactions between non-English speaking refugees and Quebec clinicians. Following my work at McGill, I was interested in learning more about the investing landscape and developing my technical literacy before starting my own social venture in the field of youth mental health.

These interests led me to my current role where I oversee the admissions process at Entrepreneur First, a global talent investor and startup accelerator. I support world-class talent from around the globe to make the transition into entrepreneurship and starting deep-tech companies. I work one-on-one with entrepreneurs to support them in finding a co-founder, navigating customer development, and building partnerships and advisor agreements for their early stage companies.

I really enjoy the coaching side of my work and the fast paced nature of the deep tech startup world, however I'm passionate about transitioning to my own project and working in an area that I'm excited and care deeply about.

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