Canada's Ecofiscal Commission

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Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission was formed by a group of experienced, policy-minded economists from across the country, seeking to broaden the discussion of ecofiscal policy reform beyond the academic sphere and into the realm of practical policy application. The Ecofiscal Commission and its Commissioners are fully independent and aim to serve policy-makers across the political spectrum, at all levels of government. We are supported by an Advisory Board with broad and diverse perspectives representing industry, the environment and the spectrum of political thought in Canada. Together, we aim to bring people together around the table to have the critical discussion about ecofiscal reform that Canada’s future requires. ***** I also facilitate focusing groups. Focusing is an embodied and contemplative practice that teaches us to listen to our intuition. It helps us be more aware of ourselves and solve problems, by better understanding what an issue is all about and how we can move forward. Learn more here:

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