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At CatalystsX (Cx), our mandate is to support social innovators and social entrepreneurs – we call them "catalysts" – by connecting them with the best tools, useful connections and right support to thrive. So far we have specialized in leadership development programs (CoPilot Fellowship), hosting events that highlight themes and trends in social innovation and social entrepreneurship (genIMPACT) and help social entrepreneurs better understand how to manage their money for their project, idea or business (Financial Literacy We also convene collective impact groups; are working on a 5 year project focused on youth leadership in Northern Ontario; work with community organizations and educational institutions to offer workshops on everything from mental health for changemakers to evaluation, social entrepreneurship, design thinking, and more. Our vision is to create a world of thoughtful, responsible changemaking. Our mission is to cultivate and accelerate catalysts by connecting them with the people, resources and opportunities they need to survive and thrive. Our values are People Power | Better Together | Growth Mindset | Paradigm Busting | Entrepreneurial Spirit | Open To All

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