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The Centre for Applied Neuroscience Coaching is an organization that involves coaching, education, research, and community. The main goal of the centre is to coach individuals in life, and within their organizations, to use their brains more efficiently in order to achieve a greater level of success, productivity, creativity, and happiness at work, at play, and in life in general. Applied neuroscience coaching incorporates principles from 1) cognitive neuroscience (e.g., increasing mental clarity, decision-making skills, and creative potential), 2) affective neuroscience (e.g., using emotional intelligence; reducing stress and stress-related brain damage), 3) nutritional and behavioural neuroscience (e.g., nourishing the brain with nutrients, sleep, and physical activity), 4) social neuroscience (e.g., enhancing social relationships for team building and community development), and 5) mindfulness (e.g., using the wisdom and practice of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness for personal growth, mental clarity, physical health, and sense of wholeness). The subgoals of the centre are to 1) provide education, 2) engage in its own research activities and disseminate related research findings from other researchers, and 3) to provide a forum for community development for individuals and organizations interested in applied neuroscience coaching.

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