Cindy Ross Pedersen

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I will take on or participate in strategic projects. These address big issues or opportunities and are critical to your success. I will bring all my corporate skills and connections to your organization and work with your teams and partners to deliver measurable results. Services are volunteered.

I’ve been working forever, entrepreneurial since 1985, sold my tech business in 2006 and after orchestrating a very successful merger and exit, I retired at 49. Rather than start another business, I am redirecting my skills, expertise, and contacts towards making a difference.

My goals are two-fold:
*Find meaningful ways to volunteer my time and skills, and use these as examples of high impact volunteerism.
*Develop volunteer roles and models that work for Boomers and benefit non-profits – to fill the gap between “stuffing envelopes” and “sitting on boards” to leverage the skills, connections and expertise of the Boomer generation.

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