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Claudia Chavouchian Arianna

IT Matters Business Consulting, Inc bridges business & tech to deliver comprehensive project management and process design solutions.

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I am an experienced business consultant and project manager eager to make positive change in our community.

I had worked in several projects in the financial services sector, mostly for the big top banks in Toronto, to deliver business process improvement initiatives, develop product roadmaps, help create a governance board, manage business intelligence strategies or enhance existing systems/platforms in the financial services space. I am also a member of the Association of Business Process Management Professionals (ABPMP) and volunteers for the Toronto Chapter as a VP of Operations.

I am the owner of IT Matters Business Consulting and have been working to identify and establish a new social vision aligned with a cooperative governance model. I am looking to connect & learn with social enterprises on the biggest challenges in our city and offer my professional services to help manage social projects.

I am up to meeting up at the Annex cafe or regular CSI events and exchange experiences that will help us change things for the better.

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