Watercolor Artist

I am fascinated with understanding the therapeutic relationship between art creation and the mind. After attaining my B.Sc. in Neuroscience and Psychology from McMaster University, I continue forward to my Masters under the Department of Medicine in Psychiatry. Here I was hit with a wave of challenges that left me in much pain. Serendipitous I turned to the watercolor palette on my desk with the intention to try and alleviate some of that pain. Little did I know this would be the marriage of psychology and art in my life. Stemming from philosophies of mindfulness and art therapy, my watercolor painting and videography practice became a powerful yet un-invasive modality for healing. These experiences have lead to a reinvigoration of art and purpose in my life. It is my greatest hope that my art practice can lead to the inspiration, transformation, and healing of others.

My philosophy for painting is process focused rather than the results. I see the paint brush as a tool for self expression and the paints as living breathing entities that give the process of art creation life. I think of form, colours, and gestures, as a pathway to communicate from our subconscious what can not be expressed through words. It is in this space that I believe we can begin important, often hard, dialogues with ourselves and others. It is through this space that I believe we can bring about healing.

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