Coleman is a recent graduate with an Honours Degree in Popular Culture from Brock University. At the current time, he is not directly involved in a specific project but is instead in the process of discovering how to make connections around what he is passionate about. While in this transitional phase Coleman is also spending time working on his writing both personally and, hopefully one day, professionally. A major focus of Coleman's academic work was feminism in the media and the way that social norms are structured through people's engagement with media. What this work demonstrated is that while there has been some amazing forward changes in regards to gender equality there is still a long way to go. It also showed the young writer that his work would, without question, need to be grounded in an organization or project with a focus on bold liberal values and education. Throughout this in-between chapter Coleman hopes to take part in a number of projects that focus on people while also exploring what opportunities he connects to most.

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