Conseil de la coopu00e9ration de l'Ontario

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The Cooperation Council of Ontario is an Ontario nonprofit social enterprise founded in 1964. We are working to ensure the promotion, development and innovation of cooperatives and social enterprises (which we call all collective enterprises) in Ontario, we are leading players in community economic development, we are doing research and social innovation, we are experts in organizational management and creating business relationships between international collective enterprises here and elsewhere. From our offer of comprehensive and decentralized services, our highly qualified staff and our clear vision to create a better Ontario, we are the main organization of the social innovation sector, cooperative and community in Ontario and Canada. Our 5 divisions Development of social and cooperative enterprises Community Economic Development Search and social innovation organizational management International affairs Our services and programs are offered by the various divisions mentioned above. Added to these two operational poles; Finance and Administration Division on the one hand and the communications division and marketing on the other.

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