Conversations in Music with Version Xcursion

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As many people recognize, music is a universal language. Music enables us to bridge divides and communicate stories, both historical and current. I am the founder, owner and creative director of a music organization called Version Xcursion (VX). VX is music project that spans over 20 years. Originally, it was a radio show that enabled me to stay connected to the innovative musical sounds of my hometown in Bristol, England. VX evolved into an organization known in both local and international contexts through its music production, interviews, club events, radio show and online presence. VX is a project deeply rooted to ideas of home, migration, identity and staying connected through music. This project: Conversations in Music with Version Xcursion intends to utilize my story of Version Xcursion as a model of how musical ideas are generative and linked to identity. This project invites local producers, vocalists, DJs and radio hosts to come together for conversations in music. As we share music and musical projects in this community space, we will draw on our own unique experiences, histories and skills and listen to others as a way to connect our stories to what we try to communicate through our music. These conversations will inevitably ignite imagination, create community and inspire creativity.

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