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Cory Chadwick

Hi, I'm Cory - founder of The Personal Greatness Project, helping teens, young adults, and organizations step into their Personal Greatness

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Hi, I'm Cory Chadwick - founder of The Personal Greatness Project, empowering teenagers, young adults, and organizations to realize their potential as their greatest authentic selves, and lead with confidence, purpose, and resilience.

Having battled through hard times growing up, I knew he had a choice to make – a choice we all have to make – about who I wanted to be and what kind of life I wanted to live. I was determined to discover what I was capable of and live to my own potential, but first I had to learn to navigate life the right way.

I believe there’s something great inside each one of us just waiting to come out, and we’re capable of amazing things when it does. That belief led me to sell my successful business, so I could commit to impacting lives and making a difference. I'm a proud husband and father, a passionate speaker, and mentor to teens, young adults, and organizations who are ready to take the reins and make their mark on the world. I'm on a mission to inspire people everywhere to raise the bar on who they are, discover their own personal greatness, and win life their way.

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