No mission statement, but here's our super long vision statement: Humanity is at a crossroads. Economic globalization and unregulated market capitalism have divided the world – and Canada – into rich and poor as at no time in living history and endangered the ability of the planet to sustain life. Tragically, most governments support an economic system that puts unlimited growth above the vital needs of people and the planet. The Council of Canadians is part of a global civil society movement to drive transformative change in the absence of true leadership by governments. The foundation of our work is the education and empowerment of people to fight for the values and policies we believe in. Our supporters and network of more than 60 active volunteer chapters create a powerful voice for social and environmental justice. We work to hold governments accountable and challenge the unbalanced power of corporations, promoting positive social change in Canada and the world. We believe this path must be founded on a deep understanding of our place within life and nature. We are the only species capable of profoundly altering the biosphere. That must inspire us to humility, not arrogance; to stewardship, not exploitation; and to social solidarity, not competition. Promoting Economic and Social Justice The Council of Canadians fights for economic and social justice. Decades of market-based, corporate-friendly policies have stripped working people of their rights, undermined universal social security, and placed the demands of big business over the rights of people. We promote fair trade over free trade, just and sustainable jobs, public health care and water, energy and food security, and alternatives to corporate power, here in Canada and around the world. Protecting and Expanding the Commons The Council of Canadians fights to protect the Commons. In the drive for unlimited growth, corporations and governments seek to commodify the Commons – those ecological, social and cultural resources and heritages that are shared by all – through takeover, privatization and exploitation, often using free trade agreements as the principal vehicle. We promote the preservation and reclamation of these Commons for the public good, here in Canada and around the world. Creating a Living Democracy The Council of Canadians fights for democracy. For several decades, the growing influence of big business over domestic governments and international institutions has led to a democratic deficit for people. Very often, government policy no longer reflects the will of the majority. We work to strengthen the power of civil society, including non-violent civil disobedience, to promote policies that serve people, communities and our shared environment, not corporate interests, here in Canada and around the world. The Council of Canadians does not accept money from corporations or governments and is sustained by the volunteer energy and financial assistance of our supporters. We invite you to join our movement and become part of this collective effort. A better Canada – a better world – is possible!

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