There is nothing more daunting that being ask to talk about yourself......especially if you been around the park once or twice. I am now 54 years of of 20th of this month, Ye ah.
So as you can imagine I have much to relate as befits someone who has been around. but I don't want to bore you into tears with trivia.....degrees economics, business etc. Spent most of my working life selling stock, bonds, mutual funds.....yes I was one of those. That's right I'll admit to it Gordon Gecko didn't have anything on me.
But here comes the interesting part....I was reformed it took someone to die for that to happen(mother cancer) to create that systemic shift. Here comes more cringe worthy info.....ready! I found religion became a Buddhist, no shit and no mind.(Buddhist joke works in reverse).
Today, I have my business that I have dedicated to helping small business through seminars and workshops. Which is why I now find myself at CSI doorstep, I too want to help.

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