Danu Studies Inc.

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To foster living in ecological harmony with our planet – which means living in such a way that you promote the health of yourself and of our planet. We our part of a massive set of open systems in our relationships to our important others, our jobs and our planet. By linking our goals to our planet, we can promote stronger flows in our human energy fields, and become a power source, rather than a power drain to it (her) and to others. To provide training in theory and techniques to balance, harmonize and organize our human energy fields – by examining and working with ourselves, we work with others. As we work with ourselves as open systems, we practice flowing in relationships and aligning ourselves to our true purposes, potentially facilitating self-awareness and improved decision-making. To examine, categorize and document the systems and sub-systems of the human energy field—as tools for self-examination, balancing and re-organization. To provide materials, resources and techniques to promote the use of “100% natural or organic” clothing and linens – using ecologically friendly inputs and upsourced materials. Making “new” clothing out of used clothing and sheets reduces the load on our planet – currently the clothing industry is the largest-polluting industry, and every little bit that reduces that load helps. Providing natural products opens new alternatives for the hypersensitive and ecologically-friendly minded.

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