David Gotlib

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KoNode is a social-enterprise venture providing a growing library of simple, effective and low-cost software (apps) to improve efficiency and communication in health-care settings. Apps on KoNode fill in the gaps left by e-Care and older IT systems. The apps are general enough that they can easily be used in non-healthcare settings too. Our flagship product, KoNote, reimagines the health record by integrating the best features of a Problem-Oriented Medical Record, a relational database, and data visualization tools. It was developed for use by multidisciplinary teams in healthcare settings, but is just as effective for record-keeping in social services, and anywhere one needs to keep both a narrative record and collect quantitative data. KoNode also provides low-cost consulting services aimed at helping nontechnical users with process or communication problems. It's a safe place to ask simple questions like “Can you put this on the computer?” [real question] where “this” is pretty much any problem related to repetitive tasks, workflow or communications problems.

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