Dayn Gehry-Riis

Helping people go global!

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I have two passions in life: social entrepreneurship and psychology. My own extensive experience in mindfulness meditation as well as consciousness development and the capacity to express deep compassion I developed through those practices, influences all my work. I do firmly believe that compassion is a fantastic element to transform the world.

I have been involved in a few social startups, such as EcoMailBox, where we developed the future of the mail system. I am currently involved in my last start up, EuroPassport, which is a consulting firm to help people with European ancestry reclaim their EU member country citizenship and obtain their EU passport. As well, I currently work in public health where I work in sexual health and where I apply harm reduction principles to help people reduce the risk of getting infections. I enjoy working in crisis intervention, harm reduction, with people who use psychoactive substances, with those who are addicted, in sexuality and trauma. I constantly upgrade my skills and I am very motivated to learn and become a better human being. I am energetic and focused in my work.

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