After a successful run that included buying and merchandising for a national retail department store chain, starting up and running my own business (textile manufacturing) and corporate consulting, I found myself searching for a new challenge and a more affirming life style. Intuitively I just knew it was time to move on and take a new direction.

After a period of exhaustive study, reading, reflection and serious inner work, I started a personal development/business coaching practice, speaking and writing.

My clients range from start-ups to seasoned business people in a variety of industries, entrepreneurs, writers, IT specialists, photographers, recent university graduates and, more broadly speaking, anyone interested in living richer, creative lives, doing work that matters.

I have travelled to many regions of the world. I am a student of personal leadership and life long learning. My method consists of using, teaching and sharing the tools, experiences and knowledge I found and studied when I stepped outside the bubble fifteen years ago and started looking at life with fresh eyes. Innovation and creative, out of box thinking are my forte. But always paired with practical, down to earth policies and practices.

Based in Toronto, I divide my time between coaching, speaking and writing. I blog twice a week and written two books. Most recently I have published a second edition e-book, "Life Without A Parachute". I invite to read the opening chapter.

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